Washington School Nutrition Association recognizes Mayor Murray for his support of the ‘Meals for Kids Coalition’

Mayor Murray is presented an award for Washington School Nutrition President Chris Neal and Alliance of Educational Associations Consultant Dr. Mitchell E. Denning

This afternoon, Mayor Murray was presented with an award by the Washington School Nutrition Association (WSNA) — represented by Chris Neal, WSNA president and nutrition services director, Highline Public Schools, and Mitch Denning, WSNA legislative consultant — for the Mayor’s legislative support of the Meals for Kids Coalition. The coalition is a partnership of WSNA, Faith Action Network, Children’s Alliance, and the Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition.

The award presented to Mayor Murray.The Mayor showed strong support during his time in the State Legislature  for the 2006-07 supplemental operating budget provision that enabled Washington to become the first state in the nation to eliminate a 30-cent co-pay for K-12 reduced price breakfast. Similarly, he supported the 2007-09 operating budget provision that eliminated the 40-cent co-pay for K-3 reduced price lunch.

In a letter to the Mayor, the coalition writes:

“Many more students are eating breakfast and doing better academically in school because of our Legislature’s strong support. …

We’re glad you believe that ‘hungry kids can’t learn.’ We want to wish you the best of success in your new opportunity as Mayor of Seattle, and thank you for supporting our K-12 students.”

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