Summer of Safety


QuoteThe Summer of Safety Initiative is the City’s coordinated approach to public safety that mobilizes resources to change our built environment, activates our streets and provides jobs for our youth and young adults.

This conversation extends beyond the Seattle city limits and Mayor Ed Murray will work with other cities, the county and the state to address larger problems that affect public safety that cannot be solved by our city alone, including poverty and homelessness, mental illness and gun violence.


Public safety is something achieved when government and the community come together with a collective effort. The Safe Seattle Compact means committing as individuals to doing your part in that effort for the collective good.


While police officers have a specific job to do in keeping our city and neighbors safe, we can all have an impact by supporting a Compact for a Safe Seattle.

Recently, conversations about public safety have focused on issues within the Seattle Police Department, which is under a federal court order. Mayor Murray has been clear – police reform is underway, and it will continue under Chief O’Toole.

Seattle will become a model for urban policing in the nation through improved training and technology, as well as stronger relationships between officers and the communities they serve.


Clear concentrations of crime exist in our city. Overall, crime in Seattle has fallen in recent years, but has risen in some locations.

To address these hot-spots, Mayor Murray will be holding a series of “Find-it, Fix-it” walking tourswith residents, community leaders, and police. This part of the Summer of Safety Initiative aims to bring focused attention to the spots that need it most. The City of Seattle offers the Find It, Fix It smartphone app that enables Seattle residents to report safety and nuisance issues throughout the city.


In order to prevent crime, we must provide opportunities for youth and community members to enjoy their streets and public spaces citywide.

We will be extending library and community center hours, as well as building on the extraordinary work of the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. Providing safe places and enriching activities for residents are important steps in bringing more “eyes on the street” to discourage and report illegal activities.


Employment rates have fallen in recent years for teens, and summer jobs are an important part of addressing socioeconomic barriers and causes of crime. This year, through a partnership with private companies and community non-profits, we will be increasing summer youth opportunities by 50 percent.

The City of Seattle currently runs a number of summer programs providing youth with private sector internships or jobs in our own departments. This expansion through the Summer of Safety Initiative will continue into 2015, as we aim to double the number of opportunities for youth in summer by then.


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The City of Seattle will be engaging residents in Community Safety Walks to help identify safety issues present in the built environment of Seattle’s neighborhoods.

These walks will begin at 7p.m., unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in participating, please let us know. Keep checking back for more details.

  • July 2: 23rd Ave. S. and S. Jackson Map
  • July 8: Orcas and MLK Map
  • July 22: Sound Transit tour, between Rainier Beach and Othello Stations Map
  • July 29: Rainier Ave. and Genesee Map
  • August 12: Rainier Beach Map



Find It, Fix ItThe City of Seattle offers the Find It, Fix It smartphone app that enables Seattle residents to report safety and nuisance issues with ease throughout the city.

Currently, the app offers the following service requests:

  • Abandoned Vehicles: report vehicles parked in a public right-of-way for more than three days.
  • Graffiti: report graffiti, including what it is on — parking meter, utility pole or building — so it gets automatically routed to the appropriate department for response.
  • Illegal Dumping: report illegal dumping — junk, garbage or debris — on public property, including roadsides, open streets and paved alleys.
  • Pothole: report a pothole.
  • Parking Enforcement: make an inquiry regarding a parking concern.
  • Streetlight Report: report a streetlight outage or damaged streetlight.
  • Other Inquiries: this miscellaneous category is for making a request not listed above, which will be processed by the City’s Customer Service Bureau.