Mayor Murray: Supporting our vibrant local economy and supporting those in need are not mutually exclusive ideals

Mayor Murray addresses the crowd at the 42nd Annual Economic Forecast Conference

Mayor Murray gave a lunchtime speech to the local business community today at the 42nd Annual Economic Forecast Conference hosted by the Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County.

This year’s conference focused on the opportunities and challenges facing our region’s real estate industry. In his speech, the Mayor reiterated his belief, often stated on the campaign trail, that the goal of supporting a strong local economy is not at odds with the goal of helping those in our region who are struggling financially. In fact, the Mayor stated, those issues are deeply interwoven and it is only through the support of the business community that we can successfully address the issue of affordability in Seattle and King County.

The Mayor acknowledged that the tremendous growth and development of our region is a good economic indicator and grounds for hope, but he asked that lawmakers and business owners work together to ensure that Seattle and King County’s continued growth and development works to benefit people across the economic spectrum.


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