Mayor Murray responds to rideshare legislation approved by City Council

Mayor Murray released this statement today in response to City Council’s final vote on regulating Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), commonly referred to as ridesharing services:

“I want to acknowledge the Council’s hard work on this very complicated issue, and I can certainly appreciate the Council’s need to act on a process that began well before I became Mayor.

To be clear: Had I been in office earlier than January, I would have sent my own recommendations to Council for integrating rideshare companies into our existing regulatory framework while also reforming that framework to ease undue burdens on taxis.

While I intend to sign the legislation approved by Council today, I do not believe it is either a complete solution or a long-term solution.

I remain concerned about the issue of insurance, which I believe is already too burdensome for taxis. I remain concerned about the need to level the regulatory playing field for taxis generally, which includes issues of training, fees, rates, use of technology and latitude for innovation. And I remain concerned about the issue of caps on rideshare vehicles, which I believe is unreasonably restrictive and unworkable in practice.

These issues remain unresolved, and we need to move quickly to fully and satisfactorily address them.

As Mayor, I will direct my staff and the Finance and Administrative Services Department Director to engage stakeholders and experts outside of City government in further discussions. Based on these discussions, I then plan to submit to Council my own recommendations to both ensure customer safety and improve customer choice while leveling the playing field for all industry players.”

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