Find It, Fix It Community Walks

In 2014, Mayor Ed Murray initiated Find It, Fix It Community Walks, a series of Mayor-led walks that help improve neighborhoods one block at a time. During these walks, neighbors, police, and City officials walk together to identify physical elements in the neighborhood that make it feel unsafe or poorly maintained. Examples include overgrown trees, graffiti, street light outages, and litter. Once the elements are identified, the City and community work together to fix the problems.

To date, nine Community Walks have been held throughout the city, resulting in hundreds of infrastructure improvements – from new trash and recycle bins to upgraded street lights.

Starting this month, Mayor Murray will lead Find It, Fix It Community Walks in five more neighborhoods:

  1. Cascade: July 11th (11AM-1PM)
    • Walk starts at Mirabella Retirement Community, Mirabella Seattle • 116 Fairview Ave N Seattle, WA 98109
    • View full map of walk HERE.
  2. South Park: August 15th (10:30 AM)
  3. Hillman City: September 12th (11AM-1PM)
  4. Delridge: October 3rd (11AM-1PM)
  5. Bitter Lake: November 14th (11AM-1PM)
  • Walk starts at Bitter Lake Community Center, 13035 Linden Ave N.
  • View full map of walk HERE

Get up-to-the-minute Find It, Fix It updates from two AmeriCorps VISTA members working on the project HERE.

Introducing Community Project Grants

In partnership with Cities of Service – a national nonprofit that works with mayors to implement high-impact volunteering strategies – up to $5,000 in Community Project Grants will support community-led revitalization projects in each walk neighborhood ($25,000 total). Community Project Grant applications are now available for download via the neighborhood links above.

The goal of Community Project Grants is to support the volunteer efforts of community members who are working together to improve the appearance and safety of their neighborhoods. The community engagement from this process builds unity and a common purpose that strengthens neighborhoods.

For more on last year’s walks head HERE.

What can you do to help?

Nuisance and safety issues such as graffiti, overgrown vegetation, and litter are problems that require continuous attention. You and your neighbors can help the City of Seattle maintain your neighborhood by letting us know when a problem arises and doing your part to fix it.

Download the Find It, Fix It smartphone app

Find It, Fix It

Smartphone users on the iOS or Android platforms can report many common concerns such as potholes, graffiti, abandoned cars and more.

With the Find It, Fix It app, reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo and hitting submit. The map’s drag and drop feature, or the phone’s GPS technology, can be used to pinpoint the location.

Volunteer: Adopt a street
Phone: 206.684.7647

Volunteer: Become a tree ambassador

Phone: 206.615.1668

Learn more about Mayor Murray’s Summer of Safety Initiative at

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