New public utility business plan would improve services and efficiency

Mayor Murray today proposed a six-year strategic business plan for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) which maintains and improves essential services while holding annual rate increases — which have averaged almost 7 percent over the past 10 years — to 4.6 percent. “Seattle needs to have predictable bills for vital utility services —drinking water, sewer, drainage, […] Read more »

Seattle Office of Housing announces $22 million in funding

Today, Mayor Murray announced the availability of over $22 million in funding for affordable housing in Seattle. Part of the annual Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) from the Office of Housing, this money will be loaned to housing developers to build apartments affordable to our city’s low-income residents. “This funding is part of the City’s […] Read more »

Mayor Murray: ‘I challenge other employers to follow Starbucks’ lead in investing in their workforce’


Mayor Murray made the following statement today regarding Starbucks’ new College Achievement Plan: “I want to applaud Howard Schultz and Starbucks for their corporate leadership in addressing one of the greatest issues facing this generation and recognizing that America must close the college affordability gap in order to close the income inequality gap. This partnership […] Read more »

Mayor Murray statement on International Franchise Association lawsuit

Mayor Murray made the following statement today about a lawsuit filed by the International Franchise Association: “The movement around wage equality in our nation began with fast food workers walking off the job. I believe we have to recognize that’s where this started. That was the straw that broke wage disparity’s back in this nation. […] Read more »

Mayor Murray statement on minimum wage charter amendment

Mayor Murray released the following statement today: “From the very beginning of a process that I launched in December, my goal has been to raise the minimum wage in Seattle  – but to do so smartly, and in a way that avoids a costly battle at the ballot between business and labor. It was never […] Read more »