Mayor Murray: ‘Together, we will get to $15 per hour, and we will get it right’

Online Town Hall - $15 Minimum WageTonight at Seattle Town Hall, the City Council heard from the public on the issue of raising Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Mayor Murray had this to say about his commitment to this initiative and his commitment to making it work:

“Cities are our true laboratories of democracy. The energy and appetite for experimental thinking, the enterprise to launch cutting-edge initiatives, the will to try novel ways of building and improving our communities – each of these is woven into our cities’ DNA, and this city’s DNA in particular.

There is no better example of Seattle’s energy, enterprise and will than our ongoing conversation about raising the minimum wage. While similar conversations are occurring throughout the country, this is an area where Seattle is in a great position to be national leader.

The passion we see around this issue out in the community is a passion shared by many in City Hall. We know it’s not a matter of if we will get to $15 per hour, but when and how we get there. I am personally passionate about the need to address this issue – an issue that President Obama has referred to as ‘the defining issue of our time.’ I’m just as passionate about the need to get it right, in a way that doesn’t burden our immigrant entrepreneurs in South Seattle, our small business owners in Lake City Way, our beloved neighborhood restaurants or our critical community non-profit partners.

I’m grateful to all who brought their voices, their ears and their passion to today’s joint public hearing between my Income Inequality Advisory Committee and the City Council’s Select Committee on Minimum Wage. There will be plenty of opportunities for future participation in this critical discussion, including an online town hall that I am launching today. I encourage all to stay passionate and stay engaged.

Together, we will get to $15 per hour, and we will get it right.”

An Income Inequality Advisory Committee that Mayor Murray convened early in his administration has been developing a set of recommendations for the Mayor to consider. The City Council Select Committee that held tonight’s hearing would be responsible for reviewing changes between those recommendations and any legislation put forth by the Mayor.

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